Wheat, a type of grass plant, is second only to rice as the main human food crop. During the milling process, wheat bran, besides other valuable compounds such as wheat germ and parts of the endosperm, remains as major by-product. Wheat bran is composed of various histological cell layers. Annually, over 650 million tons of wheat are produced in the world, of which more than 69% is used for food. The thereby accruing biomass of wheat bran can be estimated as 150 million tons, which are basically used in the feed industry.


If you have a problem with oily skin and are constantly struggling with acne, you can use a completely natural way to treat them by use of wheat bran. Wheat bran is a highly effective ingredient for face masks, especially for oily skin. Wheat, which is considered as the most important plant in mankind, not only has nutritional value but many other values and uses and it can be advantageously used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. In addition to a plethora of B vitamins, minerals and fiber, it also has anti-inflammatory effects. Selenium, vitamin E and zinc in wheat help nourish the skin, fight acne, prevent sun damage, and help prevent skin cancer. Also, the high fiber content keeps the digestive system at its optimal best, which helps remove toxins regularly. This, in turn, helps keep the skin smooth and youthful.