We treat the skin equally and we believe the entire body deserves a spa experience every time we clean it. A ritual of taking the best care with 100% natural aromatherapeutical soaps. We consider that the skin of the body deserves as much attention and care as the skin of the face. That is why we would like to share with you how we like to use the soaps. We start by rubbing the soap in our hands and then inhaling 3 times from the palms the beneficial properties of the essential oils. Then we massage the skin with the soap, letting all the natural composition to soak in. We let the creamy texture on the face, neck, hands or rest of the body to stay for a longer time, using it as a body mask. The blend of vegetable,  essential oils and active  ingredients will ensure the skin the proper natural nutrition, help the wounds heal faster, repairing, regenerating and giving the  skin a younger, firmer and smoother look. Moreover, the state of spirit and mind will be different after a session of aromatherapy in the shower, depending on the essential oils used in every soap. We bring the spa experience at home, making each shower a cleansing ritual. 

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