All of our handmade soaps are hydrating and nourishing because the base is made of vegetable and precious oils like argan, coconut, olive, shea butter, almond, avocado or castor oil. Moreover, the presence of essential oils and other ingredients  addresses a different skin need in each soap.

The name of the soaps refer to a specific function:  exfoliation, brightening, regeneration or treatment of impurities (EXFOLIATE, ILLUMINATE, REGENERATE, PURIFY). We used natural ingredients like cinnamon, coffee, bee propolis, turmeric, aloe vera, colloidal silver, ganoderma mushroom or algae to treat the skin in a natural and gentle way. Some products point the aromatherapeutic benefits: they relax or uplift the mood (RELAX, UPLIFT). For this, we used the exact essential oils like lavender or tropical basil . Other soaps in the premium line have a complex blend of essential oils and we named them as a perfume: SILVER LIGHT and DARK GREY.

All of them cleanse the skin gently and mosturize afterwards, helping to sooth irritations, various skin disorders and stimulate skin regeneration. Each soap is a combination of high quality ingredients and nutrients that cleanse and nourish intensively even the most sensitive skin. Whatever soap you choose, first make sure you read the list of ingredients and check if you are allergic to any of them. Second,  enjoy you pampering ritual, it’s nature’s best gift for the health and wellbeing of your body and mind!

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