Tropical Basil is an aromatic herb that grows only up to two feet tall. It has dark green, moist and tender leaves that are edible and purple or blue flower blossoms. It is just one of many types of Basil that have been grown all over the world and used in folk medicine for treating a number of ailments and has a strong, herbal, camphor-like, sweet scent. The essential oil of tropical basil is recognized as one of the most precious oils due to its multiple properties and numerous benefits for the whole body. It is similar to other basil oils but has a stronger, more camphor-like scent. It energizes the mind and body and is often used in diffusion to ease headaches and respiratory conditions.


Valued as an emblem of sacredness, purification, love, protection, eternity, respect and good luck, basil is used in Ayurvedic preparations for more than 5,000 years. Popularly known as the ‘Queen of herbs’ in Ayurveda, basil is grown throughout the world for its spiritual and medicinal uses. Highly regarded as a symbol of ‘Good luck charm’, the plant has myriad references in the history of world medicine. Known as Bacia-nicola (meaning kiss me Nicholas) in Italy, basil is regarded as a representation of love and luck and is said to attract man to his lady love. It was used in the ancient Greece in the crowning ceremonies of Kings for purification.


Tropical basil essential oil is known as being a digestive tonic, antidepressant, antiviral, potent antispasmodic and a tonic of the nervous system, stimulating emotional comfort, relieving fatigue, tension, severe headaches, sickness, indigestion, cramps, respiratory infections, dry and productive coughs, allergies on the nervous background, odor loss or allergic rhinitis. Essential oil of tropical basil is also considered as the best essential oil that can be used to stimulate the growth of concentration, which is often used in Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine.

Used regularly in classical aromatherapy sessions, tropical basil oil is noted for its rapidity and effectiveness to combat stress and general anxiety states, and often only a few drops of infusion are enough to achieve the desired results. It is also noticeable in relaxing massages or those designed to prevent, ameliorate or treat chronic back pain, the essential oil of basil being diluted in this case with one or more other vegetable oils before it is applied locally, the highest success rate being achieved at times when this combination is applied along the spine. The benefits for skin should also be highlighted. Thus, the essential oil of tropical basil is used in the composition of a multitude of cosmetic masks, both caring and beautifying, body creams or natural soaps, being an important ally in the fight against acne. 

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