Purity is the essence of nature, that particle worn on the arms of divine hands meant to illuminate the light itself. It is the child of us all, protected from sin, the realization of profound love for the person next to us and every moment spent with his eyes closed, in which we have seen all that was to be seen. It is the Definition and the Inexplicable. The fascination. Our very purpose, why hide? After all, we have embarked on this journey with the thought of helping as many people as possible feel their own skin as naturally and comfortably as possible and we would not have done that without ensuring that purity will serve as a leitmotif.

Apart from using only 100% natural oils, we still have an ingredient that we are glad to share it with you: the thermal water from Baile 1 Mai! Not used on the profile market by anyone else, with its real healing properties known since the time of the Roman Empire, the thermal water in the locality known as ”the good bath” comes in addition to all the essential oils and natural oils that we use when we create the natural Skin Novels soaps. Everything to help you spoil just the way you deserve it, giving your skin that daily health boost it needs.


The story of the thermal springs from Baile1 Mai begins a long time ago, being documented for the first time in the middle of the 13th century, this being because the geo-thermal lake that the baths were built, along with its flora, dates back to the tertiary. Since then, they have endured all the migratory and conquering peoples, surviving the Turkish invasion of 1660 when they spared it, even though they destroyed the whole city of Oradea and its surroundings simply because the Turkish governor himself got a bath there, driven by the curiosity of the famous properties of the thermal springs that the great chronicler Nicolaus Olahus himself wrote that they would be ”the best”.

In fact, other great chroniclers, such as Stefan Hatvany, have reported about the miraculous thermal baths of 1 May, known back then as ”Therme Varadinensis”. However, the town was to become a  spa just barely around 1978, which is unfortunately little known to the general public even today, leaving these thermal springs to remain a small secret of all who know its potential. A magical place that is also the home of protected natural monuments such as the tropical snail, Racovita’s common rudd and the well-known thermal lotus.


Considered by medical recovery specialists as one of the best waters for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory, degenerative rheumatism, post-traumatic sequelae or neurological disorders, thermal water from Baile 1 Mai is bicarbonate, sulphated and chlorosodic, which recommends it to be consumed internally.

Here, in our micro-universe, we know there is no room for anyhing impure, which is why we make sure that even the water we use to make all our natural soaps has beneficial effects on the body. Why? Because you really deserve it.

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