Spirulina is a greenish-blue micro-algae, considered one of the oldest forms of life on Earth. Helping to produce oxygen for millions of years, it has been the basis for the emergence of a multitude of multi-cell life forms, nowadays also characterized as a ”super food”, being so rich in nutrients that can support the smooth functioning of the body with a simple diet that needs to be supplemented with water only. With no known adverse effects, spirulina contains over 280 substances that are useful to the body, its ”miraculous” powers helping protect the liver, prevent eye diseases, treat anaemia or hypertension and it is also a gastric bandage. In the cosmetic field, it is an active ingredient with strong anti-ageing properties, also fortifying the regenerative tissue.


Its name derives from the spiral shape of the algae, being specific to freshwater lakes, although there is also the possibility of being found in saltwater springs. Once harvested, spirulina is first transformed into a dense paste, and then allowed to harden before being crushed and finally sold as capsules. Consumed by a large number of people since ancient times, it was first discovered and presented to the Western audience by the famous conquistador Hernando Cortez during a crew sailing in Mexico.


For centuries, spirulina has been used for both its medicinal and nutritional properties. It is thus a safe source of energy and vitality, also offering a strong immune defence. Beta-carotene in its composition is transformed into vitamin A, nutrient needed for eyes or teeth, while omega fatty acids, vitamins C, D, E and K, chromium, calcium, iodine, selenium or zinc help to oxygenate and protect the brain, also naturally detoxifying the body. Due to its active ingredients, spirulina also offers plenty of benefits for the skin, being used accordingly in natural cosmetics. Rich in minerals and amino acids, it will prevent ageing by stimulating collagen production, vitaminizing and fortifying the epithelial-regenerative tissue and also stimulating recovering of the tissues affected by more or less superficial cuts or wounds.

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