According to science, we are born from a supernova. Poetically or not, we are children of the stars and there is this belief that gold has a frequency that reconnects us with the stars. Hence, the magic, this strange force of gravity that gold owns and draw us not bellow, but above. To the stars we came from.

Many ancient cultures pursued gold for its spiritual benefits. The Conquistadors pursued the trails of gold all through the Andes looking for El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth. El Dorado literally means “the Golden One.” The people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel possessed knowledge of an alchemical process to not only make gold from lower elements (the Philosopher’s Stone) but also to transform gold into a high-spun, monatomic state, which was used to attain higher states of consciousness.

But gold it can mean actually more than just a precious metal. It is not just a symbol of a luxurious life. It can be an important ingredient to make your skin look young, beautiful, and healthy. And here we are on the more practical side of things, where we find the colloidal gold, an ingredient that is really becoming popular lately. But what is colloidal gold? This refers to nanoparticles of gold being suspended in water – or any fluid.


Gold had always been a symbol of luxury – even for the skin. Cleopatra is one of the famous people to use it to keep herself young and beautiful. This form of gold, colloidal gold, was first prepared in 1857 by Michael Faraday, an English chemist. It was also called “activated gold”. When you divide metallic gold into very fine particles and suspended permanently in a solution, it exhibits properties that it did not have before. As colloidal gold, it now has a larger amount of gold surface area. It becomes an effective mineral supplement with many benefits. One of them is improving the immune system of the body. Back in the 19th century, it was used in the US to help with people battling with alcoholism. Now, it was also discovered that it can help with addiction to nicotine, carbohydrates and caffeine. Over time, more uses for colloidal gold was discovered.


Colloidal gold was known to help with heart ailments and even arthritis. Experts have discovered that it can also help prolong the life of inoperable cancer patients and make their lives bearable. It greatly reduces the discomfort and pain that is usually felt.

When it was proven that gold can help with blood circulation, the possibilities to use it on the skin became evident. After all, improved blood circulation supplies oxygen to the skin and helps in the growth of new and healthier skin cells. This gives the skin a healthier glow that is more radiant. It enables it to absorb more nutrients and nourishment to protect itself. When colloidal gold is combined with other skin care ingredients, it becomes a great source of nourishment. Gold can also nourish the skin to give it a protective shield that is proven to be effective against premature aging. When it comes in the form of colloidal gold and is combined with the right ingredients, it becomes an effective skin care product.

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