Obviously, if somebody needs a description of coffee, he/she reads this before coffee. But this is not about the drink, it is not about coffee-to-go. It is about coffee-to-stay. Because there is more to the magic drink that keeps us going. Let us tell you more about the special properties of this  ingredient that convinced us to add it in the formula of our natural soaps.

First of all, it is good to know that the word ”coffee” came to the English language via the Dutch word ”koffie”, borrowed from the Turkish ”kahve”, who borrowed it from the Arabic ”qahwah”. And the Arabs seem to have brorrowed the name from a medieval kingdom in Ethiopia named Kaffa. So coffee was meant to be shared from the beginning.


The origin and history of coffee date back to the 10th century, and possibly earlier with a number of reports and legends surrounding its first use. The native (undomesticated) origin of coffee is thought to have been Ethiopia. The earliest substantiated evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree is from the 15th century, in some monasteries of Yemen. By the 16th century, it had reached the rest of the Middle East, South India, Persia, Turkey and North Africa.  Coffee then spread to the Balkans, Italy and to the rest of Europe, to South East Asia and then to America.


Coffee not only gives you a boost when needed, it is only a special ingredient that makes skin consider it its friend, as well. Here are some reasons we included coffee in our natural soaps. First, it is a rich source of antioxidants, which protects your skin and bolsters its natural defenses. It also protects it from harsh sun rays and may protect you against UV carcinogens. Due to its qualities that signal tissue repair, coffee plays a crucial role in regulating cell re-growth, leading to retained hydration and increasing skin elasticity, making skin smooth and brighter. Coffee also enhances circulation, leading to healthy and energized skin, effectively reducing the swelling of tissues and de-puffing areas of the skin, working as a great exfoliator. Coffee also helps to tighten the skin and also reduce the appearance of dimply cellulite.

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