Catalogued as ”the new wonder food” by most nutritionists, avocado fruit is recommended not only by its beneficial properties for the body following modern fruit consumption or the integration of its seed in various masks or handicraft treatments, but also by the kneading, centrifuging and then cold pressing to produce a vegetable oil rich in carotenoids, phytosterols, vitamins and essential fatty acids that give it nutritious, emollient and regenerating properties.


The fruits of the Avocado tree were reportedly cultivated in Mexico, Central, and South America as early as 5000 B.C. The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans spread the fruit pulp on their skin for use in cosmetic applications such as to create face masks. The Mayans of Guatemala used Avocados to relieve diarrhea, prevent intestinal worms and parasites, and promote healthy hair growth. For its countless benefits, the Avocado was considered a precious fruit. In some regions of Mexico, the iconography portrays the fruit in accordance with the narratives of Mexican mythology, which depicts the Avocado as a fruit that bestows immense vigour. In other regions of Mexico, artifacts can be found that are made with parts of Avocados dating back to 12 000 years ago.


Emollient, regenerating, restructuring and healing, avocado vegetable oil acts rapidly and deeply against skin ageing, protecting it from external aggression, softening it, elasticizing it and enhancing its overall comfort. Avocado oil attenuates inflammatory reactions and soothes the skin, while it is hair nourishing, giving it beauty and brilliance even from its first applications.

Avocado vegetable oil can be used in pure form, cosmetics or natural soaps for the care of mature, wrinkled or devitalized skin, also for the care of dry, scaly skin, of the body, hands, throat and neck, for sensitive and delicate skin care, including that of children or babies or the eye area. It has the ability to alleviate scars and small skin imperfections, such as stretch marks, and it can be used both preventively and curatively. Avocado vegetable oil can also be an adjunct in the treatment of baldness or dry hair, working out effectively from the root to the tips.

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