Senses are not a privilege of the world of cosmetics, they are part of our feelings, the most primary ones. They draw a line through our subconsciousness and bring to light our lifelines. A personal time-machine, they can send you back in an instant to a place or a moment you first felt a certain fragrance. A certain perfume of an uncertain memory. Sometimes defying reason, senses are like a trusty friend that tell us the truth about our feelings, no matter what. Our senses manage to put a personal fingerprint on people and things. In a mimetic world that tend to digress toward a philosophy that power and success come from those who master their feelings until they almost disappear, senses bring us back to what we are that truly matters: connection to oneself, connection to others.  

It is known that the taste is largely influenced by the smell, that if you have a cold, for example, your taste diminishes, that there are five tastes, if we are to count the most recent one acknowledged, umami, but there are thousands of flavours. A scientific or technical approach is not hard to find. But in a world where the smell of gunpowder is increasingly spoken, we believe the world will work better by returning to itself. 

Aromatherapy is a mind-healing game and a sane mind leads to a healthy body. There are thousands of smells, flavours, perfumes, each with his story. But your own story is the one that matters at the end of the day. The smell of old books in the antique shop or fresh ones in the library. The delicate flavours from a bakery, the smell of the first coffee on the first morning with your loved one. The smell of logs lined by the stove in your grandparents old house. Of the freshly cooked bread. The smell of the air left by the rain that washed away the traces of the last steps of someone you once loved. Our perceptions are individual, although flavours and tastes are universal. Anyway, you can only recognise perfumes, smells, flavours that you’ve met along the way. They remain imprinted in your mind, on your skin. The magic of recognising old flavours and discovering new ones is always a beautiful challenge. Without pleasuring your senses, this world has no sense. 

This is our invitation to let your senses dance.

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